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Keto Friendly - SFH Pure Whey - After Work Out Protein

Keto Friendly - SFH Pure Whey - After Work Out Protein

$ 49.99

Whey protein is a pure, natural, high quality protein from cow's milk.  SFH whey protein is derived from grass fed, free range cows, It is a rich source of the essential amino acids needed on a daily basis by the body.

SFH proteins hydrate well in water and are absorbed very well by your body. All whey proteins differ in lactose content, fats and calcium. Pure Whey has low lactose content; is low in cholesterol; and high in free calcium.

It is an excellent protein choice for all ages including children and provides a number of benefits in areas including sports nutrition, weight management, immune support, bone health, and general wellness.

If you are concerned about your child's food choices, Pure Whey, with 82% protein content is an excellent choice to help kids grow up healthy.

Only 2.5 Net Carbs per serving


Contains: Milk

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