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4 - Week Challenge -Paleo - 3 Meals & 2 Snacks (4 weeks)

4 - Week Challenge -Paleo - 3 Meals & 2 Snacks (4 weeks)

$ 580.00
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By purchasing the month upfront (20 Days - Mon - Friday) you will receive 1 bottle of G-Butter Protein Spread and a HX Tank or Tee!
HX Paleo Meal Plan is based on  lean meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, moderate amounts of low glycemic cards. The most efficient way to lose pounds. 
  • Gluten free, soy free, dairy free
  • Hormone free, free range or wild caught lean meats (5.5 – 7oz per meal)
  • Low glycemic
  • Non processed items (no added ingredients, all sauces made in house, no added sugars)
  • Higher protein, low carb 
  • No grains, legumes
  • Low sodium

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