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About Us

About us:

Healthy Xpress concept was created for busy professionals by busy professionals who did not have time to cook and want to eat healthy delicious food that is prepared fresh on day of delivery.  Located in the Miami area and delivering food to both Dade & Broward counties, Healthy Xpress provides healthy, portioned control, fresh meals to residents in both counties. One of the largest delivery services in the South Florida working with different crossfit boxes, fitness studios, and companies in order to provide a healthy meal to our customers. 

Our chefs develop menus that are healthy& tasty at the same time. Let's us do the shopping, cleaning, and cooking for you so you can eat healthy and reach your goals faster. We also offer personalized macros depending on individual needs. Contact us in order to speak with a specialist. For more info call  or email

Phone: 786-212-1488

Mission: Healthy Xpress (HX) wants to spread the mission of delivering a Healthy Lifestyle all over the U.S. As one third of the More than one-third (or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. HX wants to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing easy to eat meals that are healthy, portioned controlled, and low in sodium. HX want to show that people who are already obese can lose weight using our product, by this living a healthier lifestyle. Our services want to make Americans lives easy by delivering fresh meals (not frozen) that can be easily microwaved at eaten. All of our meals have no preservatives, low in sodium, and are portion controlled. We offer different meal plans based on customers goals.