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RX Coffee - Healthy Xpress

RX Coffee


Always Fresh Roasted and Sustainably Sourced.  Rx Coffee comes in a zip-seal stand up pouch with an air release valve to always keep your coffee fresh!  It also has an aluminum barrier to block out sunlight to ensure maximum freshness.  The bags are easy to adjust to your travel bags or backpacks so Rx Coffee can always be there to fuel your adventures.

All of our coffee is single origin specialty coffee, carefully selected from top lots, and sustainably sourced.  Each roast has been perfected by a master roaster and roasted to bring out the unique flavor and aroma profiles from these specialty beans.  We ensure our customers know they are getting fresh roasted coffee by placing a roasted on date on every single bag.  This is truly one of a kind small batch roasted limited edition coffee delivered fresh to your door. 

Colombian Coffee: Tasting Notes: "Caramel, sugar cane, citric, chocolate, red grapes, spices." Direct trade from 'La Nogalera', a family owned farm named after the Nogal tree.  These beans are hand picked to ensure top quality by a family that has been producing coffee for generations.  The farm is located in Andes, in a village called Alto Cañaveral.  La Nogalera has approximately 7,000 coffee trees.  The farm is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. 

Costa Rican Coffee: Light Medium Roast: Tasting Notes: "Wine, blackberry, caramel and hazelnut. Toffee and almond flavors with mild floral and chocolate; sweet with tart citric acidity." Costa Rican coffee beans are considered among the best in the world.  Grown in rich volcanic soil and high altitude make this one the finest coffees in the world and allowing them to be designated SHB-strictly hard bean, the highest classification in the Costa Rican system.  The Tarrazu Province, where this coffee is from, has the reputation for producing the most desirable coffee beans in all of Costa Rica.  

Ethiopian Coffee:  Tasting Notes "Citrusy, Sweet, Bright Mouthfeel"  Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.  Legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi saw his goats eating a mysterious berry.  The goats were filled with joy and energy.  Kaldi then took the cherry-red berries that contain the coffee bean and tried them for himself and it had a similar effect. Thus began the origins of coffee.


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