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A final Good Bye

As the CEO and one of the owners of Healthy Xpress, I want to thank everyone who tried our meal delivery service at least once in the past ten years. In 2012, we began with 10 customers per week and then grew our business in 2020, serving over 400 clients per week. The Covid pandemic had a huge impact on us, and it was a very difficult time for the Food Industry in general.  Staffing, and the increase in costs, were just some of the biggest factors impacting our position in the industry. As small business owners not only did the pandemic have a direct impact on our sales, but also took a toll on our personal lives.  From jumping into the kitchen to cook meals that needed to be delivered, plus answering telephones, and wearing all the hats when challenges arose when hiring became a struggle and trying our hardest to retain our staff was very difficult. We had already made the decision to pay our staff $15 per hour prior to the pandemic and felt proud to have done it.

When food, labor, rent, and insurance increased altogether, this was challenging for anyone in our industry to stay afloat. The demand for food delivery increased so tremendously, that Healthy Xpress was competing with MOST restaurants and supermarkets offering delivery services.

For these reasons, Healthy Xpress is merging with one of the largest meal delivery services in South Florida, called Farm to Fork Meals. We have been working with them for over a month, tasting their menu, and ensuring they incorporate some of our recipes in their meals. We also hope that some of our employees will transition to work with them as well.

Pam and Ryan, as everyone knows us, we will be working during this transition during the next 4 weeks, and then will be stepping away. Nevertheless, we want our loyal clients to have a new place to call home and ensure that everyone enjoys their menu and services. We merged with Farm to Fork Meals because of the quality of their food, and the easy use of their website, plus the owner Michael, has been great to work with throughout this transition.

Thank you again to our loyal clients, vendors, partners, etc. who worked with us during the past 10 years, it has been a pleasure – but it’s time for us to say goodbye. We loved working with all of you, but as life keeps going, we must move on too! We wish Farm to Fork Meals great success in the future – and I am sure our clients will

 You can use code fork10 for Healthy Xpress discounted price on a 10 meal plan. 

Thanks Pamela & Ryan

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