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Including Cultural Food in Healthy Diet

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Cultural food

Food and eating habits are a basic part of any culture. Healthy eating is a choice. Now, there are several ways to include cultural food in a healthy diet without compromising on its taste and authenticity. 

Though, healthy eating and nutrition are not a one-size-fits-all dietary supplement. Cultural food and traditional meals are equally popular and deserve a seat in everyday cooking and eating habits.

Let’s explore how cultural foods can be an integral part of healthy eating.

What are cultural meals?

Cultural foods — also known as traditional dishes — signify a belief, tradition, and practice of a particular community, geographic region, traditional group, or religious body.

Certain cultural foods are prepared and represented to highlight a group’s overall culture wherein the dishes are shared from one generation to another. For instance, dim sum or kimchi comes from Asia, pasta or pizza from Italy, tortillas from Mexico, and so on. Now, when you include cultural food in a healthy diet, you not only continue the tradition of a gastronomical creation but also use healthy ingredients to best suit your body’s nutrition. 

These days fusion foods are in trend and are a part of the western culture wherein something new is added to enhance the creation of traditional food. And, what else is the best way to bring nourishment and tradition to the table at the same time.

The USDA or U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans is has set a standard for nutrition guidelines in the West and it endorses and encourages people to include their cultural foodways into healthy eating.

The same goes with the Canadian Food Guide accentuating the significance of culture and food traditions to healthy eating. However, there is still a lot of work to do in order to ensure the competence and practice to fully integrate any cultural food in a healthy diet.

What do you mean by healthy eating?

Healthy eating does not have a set definition. It can be simply put as your body has a daily nutrition requirement and when you mostly fulfill it by having a balanced diet of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins in your meal you eat healthily. 

This includes the consumption of an assortment of nutrients from protein foods, grains, fruits, dairy, and leafy vegetables, to name a few.

The message is to basically avoid processed food and consume fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Now, for a bigger impact and to make it reach out to every household one must include cultural food in a healthy diet.

Modern cuisine has a lot of scope for fusion and improvement in the daily eating habits of a consumer, why not use the space and create the best for mankind! Happy eating!

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