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Curiosity - An Approach to Bettering Your Life

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How can we use curiosity? It can be a great tool to use when trying to navigate the unknown path to our goals. Instead of allowing fear to take over, why not use curiosity to guide us?

We can ask ourselves some questions when we start to feel panic come into our thoughts. This approach can apply to all aspects of life. We can rewrite the conversation in our minds so that we can arrive at different outcomes, rather than only one that ends in never trying at all to make change.

So how does this apply to eating healthy food? We make several decisions about food throughout the day, whether we are aware of it or not.

We are what we put into our bodies so I plan my day around food! I eat the Healthy Xpress paleo meal plan 7 days of the week, even if it is for only 1 meal on some days. When I choose to cook, I plan my day around food to ensure I have healthy food all day long to fuel my activities. Without planning it is too easy for me to fall into the trap of eating unhealthy foods. Like many, our work can sometimes take over and before we know it we are past the point of hunger and in choosing the quick option, may not be the best option. Food is energy, so without good nutritious foods our bodies do not operate at optimum levels. This can relate to every person's life as we all have responsibilities that require us to be our best selves. 

So when it comes to that point of the day when you could choose healthy vs non-healthy, stop and see what words you are choosing to tell yourself in that moment.  Make sure the words are not only positive, but that you are having an internal dialogue about your decisions. It is important to watch our for negativity, but also to be aware if we are only eating due to an external reaction such as stress. If you find yourself saying many times a week things like "I deserve to eat this..." or "I'm starving, I'm just going to eat...", then maybe it is time to think about changing the internal conversation. 

Be curious about changing the internal conversation you are having with yourself and be curious about the outcomes by choosing a different option than usual. See if you do not regret choosing the healthy option after you have your meal and you may just find that you forgot all about that "craving". Most of those cravings are solved by drinking more water, choosing to eat energy fueling foods and changing our internal conversation that leads to decision making. 

If you can plan your day around food, or let a company like Healthy Xpress do that for you, then you are already one step ahead! Then it becomes about reminding ourselves how we feel when we eat healthy foods compared to when we eat unhealthy foods. We all deserve to eat nutritious foods that allow us to be our best selves and to have enough energy to do the activities we love to do!

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