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Drinking alcohol does not help with the Keto Diet or any other diet

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As alcohol sales rise 27% during the pandemic, we look deeper to understand why?

As people are stressed out for many reasons, we wonder why we have started to gain weight again. Well, there are many reasons why people have gained weight during the pandemic, especially when related to alcohol.  

1. Excessive consumption of alcohol - more stress in your household has made you want/need to drink alcohol in order to cope with: working from home, home-schooling and more.  Alcohol has many hidden calories, especially beer & sugary drinks. 

2.  Access to food while working from home - another ineffective coping method for stress is to eat. We now find ourselves with an all day access to our pantries and it can be hard for someone to control their appetite when surrounded by food. That is one the main reasons why you should consider healthy meal delivery

Listen I understand, stress makes me want to drink too, but we have to understand the amount of calories each drink has in order for us to be more aware on how alcohol can be detrimental for our weight-loss. 

Approximate calories on different alcohol drinks - so you think before you have that second or third one. 

  • Beer -  as much as I love beer, this is probably one of the worst options if you consider all the calories & carbs this drink has. The one unfortunate part is the higher the percentage of alcohol, the higher amount of calories so we can consume from 64 calories up to 600 calories per 12 oz pour. So the day you drink beer avoid eating high calorie-carb food. Maybe grab some un-breaded chicken wings and snack on veggie sticks instead of the side of garlic bread. 
  • Wine - the calories in this drink also vary depending on the amount of alcohol it has - calories in alcohol. are about 7 calories per gram. Also what affects the calories are the sugars it has, so the sweeter the wine most likely the higher the calories. 
  • Mixed Drinks - once again we need to be aware of the sugar, as many mixers include tons of sugar. I have found that using club soda and adding some lime & cucumber with gin or vodka makes my drink delicious with not that many calories. Watch out for those pina coladas as for 8oz, we are talking about 490 calories, that is 1 meal! 

Overall, drinking does not help with any diet, or if you are trying to lose weight. If you are trying to reach Ketosis, it works even less as when you drink your body starts burning the calories from alcohol first, so you will be kicked out of Ketosis immediately when you have a drink. So what this means it would definitely slowing or stopping your progress. If you want to have an occasional drink that is alright, just keep to low carb drinks, as your body will focus on burning off the alcohol first instead of fat. 

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