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Healthy Late Night Snacks Options for You

Late-night snacking is quite common for many people who sit and work throughout the night. Usually, all those working late in the night end up bingeing on unhealthy processed snacks such as chips, crisps, and so on. Instead of having unhealthy food items, you can choose some nutritious mid-night snacking options. 

Healthy Xpress is a team of experienced chefs that handle the preparation, and also delivery of healthy snacks to their clients. They know how to balance all nutrients in their preparations, and hence can guarantee to deliver the best kind of healthy late night snacks. You can place your order today to check their delicious preparations. 

Late Night Snacking Option 

Here are some of the options in the world of late-night snacking. 

Tart Cherries 

Tart cherries such as Montmorency are quite popular for their health benefits. When consumed at regular intervals, it can help in tackling some of the inflammatory issues such as heart diseases, arthritis, and so on. 

Brie and Strawberries 

Strawberries are considered the power pack of nutrients. They are rich in Vitamin C and melatonin. You can easily consume 2 cups of strawberries during the night and yet will not add extra calories to your body. Instead of just choosing strawberries, you can mix brie as well and enjoy a healthy snack. 

Almond Butter and Banana 

Banana dipped in almond butter is an excellent late-night snack. The butter should be unsweetened and the sweetness from the banana constitutes the sweetness of this snack. It will not only increase the melatonin in the blood, but will also add some healthy fats and Vitamin-E to the body. 


The best part of choosing eggs for midnight snacking is that they are versatile and can be blended into any recipe. If you are ready to cook something for yourself, then you can try egg salad crackers, egg muffins, and so on. 


Apart from being the best diet food, kiwis are very nutritious and can help you maintain a healthy body shape. Two kiwis are enough to add the required fiber, calories, and also vitamin C to your body. Most of the athletes prefer eating this food before their big game. 


Edamame is the green soybeans that are unripe. They are available in a frozen state in almost all shops and you can purchase enough supply for a week or so. Add a bit of pepper or salt to the thawed soybeans and enjoy snacking any time of the day or night. 

Protein Smoothie 

Eating protein-rich food items before going to bed can help in muscle repair during the night times. It will also take care of the muscle wear and tear that are the signs of aging. Smoothies are the ideal way of providing protein to the body. 

Follow the diet of adding all these above-mentioned food items to your body as late-night snacks, whenever you feel like it, and enjoy healthy snacking anytime. Remember to balance everything proportionately and find the right blend for you. Happy midnight snacking. 

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