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Healthy Xpress during COVID 19

covid19 healthy food

Many of our members have been asking what do we do to protect them/our employees during this pandemic. We have been informing as we produce food for high risk populations (children) our standards are very high. However, we have added some extra protocols to protect our employees and our loyal customers. 

    • We always use gloves: During food production it is mandatory to use gloves.  We take this requirement very seriously as we change and wash our hands on a very constant manner. Gloves have to be used to avoid cross-contamination, to protect the food, etc. We have always done this, is not a new step for us. We use gloves during all activities where cross contamination can be prevalent, such as to prepare, cook, plate, and pack meals. 
    • We always wash our hands: Once again as we produce food, this is a standard for us. We wash our hands with soap, 30 seconds, and warm water all the time. When an employee goes to the bathroom, changes ingredients, touches something else other than what they are working on, etc. They wash their hands and replace gloves all day long. 
    • We are wearing masks: All of our employees are wearing masks during food production, packing, delivering. Even though according to the CDC you cannot get COVID-19 thru food, we are still being very precautionary on this. Click here
    • Contact-less delivery:  Our drivers wear masks and they use sanitizer on their hands before and after every delivery. Using sanitizer is more efficient as the use of gloves is more for people that can wash their hands and replace gloves every time. So we urge our clients to always leave bags/ice packs outside to avoid any contact between driver and customer.
    • Temperature check before and after every shift:  our employees are required to take their temperature before every shift and after every shift. This guarantees no one with a fever comes into work and that no one leaving in the afternoon is unaware of a fever. 
    • Sick Pay: Our employees have sick time, so they will get paid in the event of them not coming in for work. 
    • Social Distance: Since this started about 6 weeks ago our employees have been requested not to go out, or see anyone who does not live in their household. They are not exposed to people as they understand the importance of protecting our small business and our clients. 
    • Each employee works within a 6 ft area:  Our kitchen staff has enough space that guarantees social distance in their work stations. Everyone works in their own personal 6-8ft table, so everyone always has at least 6ft between them and the other employee. 
    • Sanitizing their work station: Every employee is required to sanitize their work station before their shift starts, and every time they finish 1 task. Example, if they finish cutting the carrots they are required to clean their station and start again. Computer keyboards, door knobs, etc are constantly being sanitized as well throughout the shift to avoid any possibility of contamination. 

As I said before, we produce food and for the safety of our clients we already do a majority of these steps. Now we are adding additional protocols suggested by the professionals, such as face masks, temperature checks, etc to ensure safety of all our employees & valued customers. 

We suggest that you should try to eat as healthy as you can, that way you will boost your immune system during this time. Other guidelines we recommend are to keep hydrated with warm fluids, taking sips every 15-30 minutes, and get sufficient sleep.

Pamela Gonzalez - CEO

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