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Jump-Start Your Workout With a Cup of Coffee

Drinking coffee is an American pastime, with over half of the population enjoying at least one cup per day. Coffee is often placed in the same category of other vices such as drinking and smoking, making it seem like an unhealthy lifestyle choice. But caffeine enthusiasts will be happy to know that they don’t necessarily need to give up the joe to improve their wellbeing. Coffee is actually something of a superfood, containing plenty of fiber and antioxidants that are essential to a healthy diet.

While most people turn to coffee to kick-start their day, not everybody knows that caffeine can do the same thing for their workout. Coffee is a great addition to any pre-workout routine, helping you to make the most of your exercise session. For the healthiest approach to drinking it, skip the lattes, cream and marshmallows and add salt to combat coffee’s natural bitterness while reaping all the benefits before you workout. So, before you head to the gym for your next class, here are a couple of reasons that you should stop by the coffee shop first for a quick brew.

Focus Your Mind

Caffeine is perhaps best known for its effects on the brain. It can help you to stay alert and focused, even when running on little sleep. While mental focus might not seem important for a workout session, keeping your mind on the task at hand can make your workouts more efficient and more effective. You won’t get distracted as easily, and you’ll tire out less quickly over the course of your workout.

Improve Your Circulation

It’s no secret that coffee helps to get the heart pumping, improving blood flow throughout the body. Blood is the main carrier of oxygen throughout the body, delivering it to the muscles, organs, and brain. Without enough oxygen, our body is unable to function and grow correctly. By improving oxygen delivery to the muscles, caffeine can ensure that you get the full benefits out of your workout. Well-oxygenated muscles are also less susceptible to painful lactic acid buildup, helping to improve your stamina.

Maintain Muscle Mass

If you aim to gain, a cup of coffee before your workout can help you to pack on muscle mass more easily. It helps to replenish glycogen stores more quickly after intense exercise. There’s also evidence that drinking coffee can keep old muscles strong and work to prevent age-related decline

If you’re looking for a quick way to jump-start your workout, a cup of coffee can help to get you energized. You’ll be preparing your body both mentally and physically for a more intense and more effective workout. Over time, drinking caffeine in moderation can improve your overall wellbeing.

Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood

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