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Meet our first cheerleader athlete who is also a Fort Lauderdale Lions Player

Brielle is 23 years old and has a great passion for fitness. In her younger age she joined the cheerleading squad and did competitive cheerleading for about 15 years, until college at West Virginia University. Back in 2016 she stumbled into a crossfit box and since then she has been addicted to this new sport. She just recently joined the Fort Lauderdale Lions Florida Grid team. 

Her inspirational athletes growing up were Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson as they are her favorite gymnasts. The reason she admires them is due to their hard work and determination which resulted in them winning the gold and silver medals in the Olympics of 2008.

Her special moments in crossfit were "Murph 2018 was so special to me because at my gym there is a woman who is 72 years old, and she did Murph along side of me...before the workout started I thought I was going to be her motivation to finish the reps but it turns out having her next to me was my motivation to push harder. That was the day I realized how great of a community I was a part of"

Healthy Xpress fuels many athletes and people all around the community. She is our first cheerleader with a crossfit passion. Welcome to the Team of #HXAthletes Bri! 

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