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Quick Guide to Prepare Paleo & Pescatarian Meal at Home

The simplest way to keep track of paleo diet foods is to think caveman-style. If cavemen didn't eat a certain food, it's no longer part of your diet. On a paleo meal plan, you can eat anything hunters and gatherers had access to. Meat, fish, nuts, greens, local vegetables and seeds are all fair game for the paleo plate. Your waistline will love you for giving up items that aren't paleo diet foods. Good-bye cereal, pasta, and candy. You don't want this modern fare of empty calories in your stomach.

Because you're eating healthier, you can stop counting calories and think in terms of portions. You won't have to obsess over how many calories you consume because you won't be eating 400 calories of Doritos or 10 slices of bread a day. Instead, a paleo meal plan is packed with high-quality calories in the form of vegetables and protein. This is a great way to fix your relationship with food.

If You Can It, You Can Eat It on the Paleo Meal Plan

Here are some ideas for foods that meet the paleo criteria and help you stay healthier and lose weight.

  • Meat. Eat grass-fed meat, not animals fed with grain, which gives animals the same problems as people.
  • Fowl. Duck, chicken, turkey, and other things that fly (or try to).
  • Fish. Wild fish contain less mercury and toxins. Avoid farmed fish.
  • Eggs. Eat cage-free eggs.
  • Vegetables. Don't fry them in a ton of oil and there's no limit to how much you can eat.
  • Oils. Coconut oil, Olive oil, and avocado oil. Use natural oils.
  • Fruits. This is a good way to get your sugar fix, but don't overdo it if you want to lose weight.
  • Nuts. This high-calorie, protein-rich foods are great for snacks. A handful is more than one serving, so watch how many you have.
  • Tubers. Sweet potatoes and yams. Enjoy these high-calories goodies after a workout to replenish glycogen levels.

Go Fish with the Pescatarian Meal Plan

To stay on a pescatarian meal plan with a paleo basis, follow the same guidelines about without the meal and fowl options. If you need additional protein, double up on beans and legumes. Be careful not to load up on high-fat fish, such as salmon, or fish that contains too much mercury, such as tuna.

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