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Supporting Local Business during COVID

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COVID has affected many small businesses during this pandemic. As a small local business, Healthy Xpress is thankful to announce we have not let anyone go or reduced any salaries as of yet. We employ many woman who are the main bread winners of their family. We have made providing peace of mind to our employees as one of the top priorities. We have been able to not only maintain our staff employed at their full salaries but also provided them tools to keep safe during and after work. We have provided safety masks, sanitizer and of course gloves to our employees for during work and after work. 

During these difficult times it is important that we as a community support our small local businesses. Small businesses rely on the support of locals to survive day by day as unlike large corporations they usually do not have much backup financial support. We make it a point to support local restaurants by ordering take out at least once a week, if not we are not sure if we will find our favorite restaurants when the COVID pandemic is over. So we urge you to buy & support local especially during this time more than ever before.

Here are different ways you and your family can help us at Healthy Xpress and any other local companies you like. 

1. Refer friends - we love getting referrals, as we know they already understand the meal delivery service and know what to expect. If you have someone you want to give a free meal to, let us know and we will send you an extra meal on your deliveries so you can help us spread the word! 

2. Utilize social media - follow, like, share, comment and spread the love of Healthy Xpress. We have many channels Instagram , Facebook, TwitterYoutube

3. Write good reviews - it is very common now that everyone checks out reviews first. If you can help us by writing a good review on different social media platforms we would be very grateful for your time and feedback.

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4. Purchase Gift Cards - this will help us bridge the cash-flow. You can buy them online or we can mail them directly to you (physical card). This is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or just for a thank-you to someone in need.
5. Buy Local - we sell additional items online such as protein powder, vegetable & fruit boxes and drinks that help to support local businesses like ourselves. Our vegetable/fruit provider is a local business as well, so the more we sell, the larger contribution we can make to a local business.
6. Subscribe to our meal plans - as we get more customers by referrals or new customers, we can ensure we keep feeding Healthy Meals to South Florida. We deliver to all of Miami & Broward counties up to Boca Raton. 

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