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What Healthy Dog Treats Don’t Have

There are many products that claim to be healthy dog treats, however, their nutrition label tells another story. Unless you’re a veterinarian, you probably haven’t memorized what your dog should and shouldn’t have, or how much. This can make deciphering through buzz words tricky for the average dog owner. So how can you avoid falling for a marketing ploy and find the dog treats that are actually nutritious? Checkout a few easy rules of thumb you can use when strolling down the dog treat aisle.  


Take a look at the ingredients, what’s the first thing you see? If it’s wheat, rice, corn, or any other kind of starch, leave it on the shelf. These ingredients allow manufacturers to skimp on “real” ingredients like protein or vegetables. These fillers rarely offer any nutritional value and are full of empty calories. 


If you don’t recognize an ingredient (or can’t pronounce it), it’s probably processed. These chemicals can mess with your dog’s digestion. Even worse, processed dog treats have likely been stripped of any naturally occurring vitamins or nutrients. 

Unnatural Flavors

While seasonings are always welcome in human kitchens, pet parents should steer clear of them in their dog’s treats. Powdered seasonings are notorious for having a high sodium content. And since dogs can only tolerate a fraction of what our bodies can, the salt content of their foods adds up very quickly. Not only too much sodium lead to salt poisoning in your dog, but specific flavors like onion and garlic can make them seriously ill as well.

Healthy Dog Treats Make For Healthy Dogs

It’s advised that dog treats make up no more than 10% of their daily caloric intake. So when you reward your pooch, take advantage of the opportunity and supplement their diet with healthy goodness. While dog treats won’t make up for an overall poor diet, they add up and can make a notable impact on overall health. If you’ve already upped your dog treat game, consider meal plans for dogs to provide the ultimate in canine nutrition. 

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