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Alex Alvarez - Crossfit Passionate Athlete

Alex Alvarez started Crossfit 4 years ago; his brother introduced him to the sport. His brother was persistently trying to get him to try Crossfit, but Alex did not have the interest until one day he tried it because his neighbor opened a Crossfit box. " On my second workout ever I threw up and from there I never looked back. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get my L1 and within 6 months I was coaching at the gym." Alex says. 

He did his first  competition not long after he started Crossfit. After that Crossfit has become his passion, so he spends all his free time training; unless he is coaching. Since then Alex has become a great athlete having several podium finishes in competitions such as the Florida Open, Ripped Games, and more. He has participated on these events with his girlfriend, brother, or fellow coaches. 

His goal is to make it to regionals as an individual or on a team. He keeps working very hard to accomplish  this goal, and now that he has his nutrition on point because of Healthy Xpress he should be able to achieve his goal faster. 

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