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Joao Ribeiro, Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete

JIU-JITSU jiu-jitsu athlete

Meet Joao Ribeiro, Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete and champion. For the last five years, Joao has been training full time at GFTeam Florida----three times a day during the week and once on weekends. For strength and conditioning, he also does CrossFit. 
"I've learned that dedication, consistency, hard work, and even sacrifice are important to be successful through this sport. Loyalty is a big deal to me and, in my sport especially, being loyal to a team and to those who help you."
His hard work has paid off, as his titles include: 2x Pan American Champion, 2x National Champion, Worlds Championship Medalist (biggest tournament for jiu-jitsu), and State Champion, just to name a few.

An important part of Joao's training routine includes eating well, and he says Healthy Xpress is perfect for athletes and anyone else who wants to get in shape and who doesn't have much time for meal preparation.

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