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Anthony Garcia - Crossfit owner, coach & Miami Freaks Athlete

Anthony used to weigh 285, and one day he decided to make a lifestyle change. Through self-discipline and perseverance he was able to get to 185lbs over the course of 10 months. After 5 years he is proudly weighing 210 lbs by living a healthy lifestyle.
Crossfit changed his life, starting as a simple hobby and now as a career. He is now a professional grid athlete playing for the Miami Freaks and also owns a successful box, Crossfit South Miami. He loves what he does and feels blessed every time he can compete at any crossfit or FGL competition. 
 "Growing up I was inspired by Zach Thomas. At the time that I was growing up Zach Thomas was the best linebacker around, he was a beast. Back then I played the same position and I remember watching his games and wanting to be just like him. " he says.
Anthony likes that Healthy Xpress provides easily accessible meals with macro-nutrient information that fuels his performance at the highest level which is crucial for a successful athlete. He knows that he influences a lot of his members and wants to be able to have solutions for people to eat healthy. 

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