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Best Non-Perishables to be Included in Diabetes diets


Diabetes diets

Some non-perishable or frozen food items are great to have handy if you have diabetes. These foods not only help you control your blood sugar levels but also help you to make scrumptious meals and snacks. If you have a high sugar level or diabetes, you might be worried about eating well while maintaining your busy schedule. Keeping non-perishable food items handy is a great way to meet your hunger curbs anytime of the day without worrying too much on its nutritional content.

Remarkably, several frozen food items have low effect on blood sugar levels hence, can be consumed as one of the diabetes diets. These foods can be easily stocked up in your freezer or pantry and most of them have a high shelf life.

Here are some of the best non-perishable items for people with diabetes;

1. Canned or dried chickpeas

Chickpeas are used in several dishes around the world. Even though they contain carbohydrates, they are rich in protein, fiber and fat — all of which help in maintaining the sugar level in your blood.

Chickpeas are not only tasty but are also used in making side dishes and dips like hummus. They make a filling food alternative and can be added to salads, stir-fries, and soups.

If you store it in a cool, dark place, dried chickpeas can be kept for up to 3 years.

2. Canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes add flavor to numerous soups, dishes and stews.

These are rich in antioxidants, and promotes heart health. They are low in carbohydrates.

Canned tomatoes are used in making sauces and as a curry base. These last for several years after purchase.

3. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is another best and inexpensive source of fiber, fat and healthy protein and it has very few carb content.

Go for the natural peanut butters without the sugar content and they would last for around 1 year even after opening the jar or container.

4. Pistachios

Rich in healthy protein, fiber and fat, peanut butter make a great snack and is one of the best diabetes diets. You may munch on these whenever you feel like and is used in several sweet and savoury items as well.

5. Chia seeds

Seeds like chia, flax, sunflower; they last for a long time and can be consumed anytime of the day. They are an excellent choice for diabetes diets or meal plans. You may put seeds in shakes, breakfasts items, pudding and so on.

Make sure you consult your doctor before including any food item in your diet. Especially in case you are looking for particular diabetes diets or meal plans for diabetic people then do consider these options as they offer maximum health benefits and are easily available near you at stores.

Apart from these frozen berries, canned vegetables, mushrooms, dark chocolates, dried nuts, quinoa and several such perishables can be included in your meal plans if you have high blood sugar levels. Plan your breakfast, lunch, mid meals and dinner accordingly so that you get maximum nutrient content and make the most of your fitness. Lead a healthy and happy life!

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