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Can a Ketogenic Diet Help Fight Cancer?

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Studies show that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Cancer can be treated with the process of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Several healthy meal plans have been studied, interestingly; some researchers suggest that nutritious food like a low carb ketogenic diet may help in the process of recovery.

Though, you should not avoid the conventional ways of medical treatment for serious ailments like cancer. Keep your body healthy in all possible ways. You should discuss all treatment and diet options with your doctor.

Keto Meal Plan

The Ketogenic meal is a diet plan low on carbohydrates and high on fat contents, somewhat like the Atkins diet. You may note while the keto diet includes a moderate protein content(s) into the plan with around 20% of calories coming from proteins, the Atkins meal plan allows approximately 30% of calories from proteins, depending on the phase you are in.

A Keto meal plan significantly reduces your intake of carbs and replaces them with fat and protein. This transformation directs to a metabolic state called ketosis. After some time, fat becomes your body’s primary source of energy.

Benefits of Keto Diet

There are several benefits of a healthy meal plan;

  • Regulate blog sugar levels in your body
  • Induce metabolic oxidative stress in cancer cells making them more responsive to treatments
  • Boosts your stamina and overall well-being
  • Reduces growth of any tumor (acting as an anti-angiogenic substance)

There are a lot of versions of a keto meal plan. Some versions are further higher in fat. You must consult a doctor or a nutritionist before making any prominent changes in your diet and then customize the meals as per your body nutrient requirement.

Keto Diet Contents

Here are some healthy food items to eat in a ketogenic meal plan;

  • Fresh fish or seafood
  • Low-carb vegetables and fruits like broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, green beans, avocados, olives, etc.
  • Cheese or yogurt
  • Meat and poultry, to name a few.

It is extremely easy to plan out a 7-day meal chart but, unless and until you follow a diet thoroughly it will not give you long-term results. It may lead to temporary weight loss or body transformation. Though, try following a healthier diet chart. Change your food habits, exercise regularly, de-stress now and then. Such lifestyle changes along with proper meditation help a patient get cured faster and better from serious ailments like cancer.

A ketogenic diet helps maintain low glucose levels in your body. This further helps reduce tumor growth and even starve cancer cells out of energy. Hence, eat well, stay fit and take medical guidance as and when required!

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