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Healthy Cookies - Get kids to eat healthy!

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Cookies are a kids best friend but getting kids to eat healthy can be difficult. A great way to get kids to eat the healthy food for kids that you make is not to try to force them to eat veggies but to alter foods they already love to make them a bit healthier. A great way to get kids to eat healthy is to add healthy elements to things they already love.

Healthy Cookies - Get kids to eat healthy!

Cookies are something that every kid loves and a great way to make them healthier is to add some great ingredients. Adding things like flax seeds to help promote digestion, protein powders like those you find in protein shakes to add protein, nuts to add healthy fats, and more is a great way to make cookies healthier without altering their taste too much.

Adding healthy ingredients to your cookies is a great way to make cookies healthier without having to buy expensive mixes and without having to change the taste of the cookies your kids already love. You can also reduce the sugar in cookies with sugar substitutes that are common in meal replacement shakes and other lighter foods. You can also add dried fruit to help amp up the sweetness without adding too much refined sugar.

Healthy muffins are another great option that can be altered to suit the tastes and textures that your kids love. Muffins, like healthy cookies, are a great way to get fibre and to help get your kids that little bit of extra nutrition that they need. Healthy muffins and healthy cookies are easy to make at home and you can take recipes you already love and simply alter them with healthier ingredients; like bananas in place of eggs and agave nectar in place of refined sugar to make them healthier but just as tasty.

Getting your kids to eat healthy is not as difficult as you might think with the right ingredients and a little bit of extra effort.

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