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Healthy Meal Plans – The Biggest Nutrition Myths Busted

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Are you looking for some changes in your diet plans? Balanced diet plans are essential for the adequate functioning of your body. As they say, you become what you eat! However, it is very essential to understand what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. Here’s busting certain myths related to diet plans. Read on!

Fewer calories help lose weight

If you think that eating less can help you lose weight then think again! Your body needs a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins to commence the daily tasks. If you do not get that daily value of nutrients then your body feels tired and you lose body mass. This is different from losing weight healthily.

You must include a certain amount of protein, vitamins, fat, and fiber in your diet plans to pursue a more natural way of maintaining body weight. This is all that matters!

Relying only on less calorie intake doesn’t account for losing weight leads to severe health issues.

For instance, hormonal imbalances, and health conditions like hypothyroidism, the consumption of certain medications, metabolic adaptations, and genetics are certain factors that may make weight loss harder for some people, even if you are on a strict diet.

So, watch your healthy meal plans! Choose nutrient-rich foods and focus on your overall health.

Foods high in fat are unhealthy

There is more than one kind of fat in your body- Saturated, Unsaturated, and Trans fat. Many high-fat food items are very nutritious and may help you uphold a healthy weight.

Many of us still fear that foods high in fat can increase our body weight. Although, this old-fashioned and mistaken theory is slowly being put to rest!

Dietary fat is important for optimal health. Low-fat meals have been linked to a higher risk of health issues, together with metabolic syndrome, and might lead to an increase in insulin resistance and heart diseases. Rather what you should do is avoid consumption of Trans fat, control your saturated fat intake and replace your diet with some necessary polyunsaturated fats. This type of fat is found in food sources like fish, nuts, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.

Eat healthy, not poorly!

Eat small and frequent meals

Many people eat small portion-sized healthy meals and others just munch on unhealthy snacks. Eat when you feel hungry; observe what your body can digest and what makes it strong rather than just having anything and everything. Eat nutrient-rich, natural foods than processed items. Eat as much as your body requires but, eat well!

Cut off sugar from your diet plans, or rather switch to healthy food options like honey, maple syrup, jaggery, to name a few.

Having breakfast is very important

The whole concept of having bigger portions of food in breakfast comes from the fact that you eat after a minimum of eight hours of sleep. Though, if you tend to consume small portions then it is not necessary to have a wholesome breakfast rather focus on eating foods that make you full. For instance, if you follow intermediate fasting then you have to maintain a fasting window of 14–16 hours before eating your next full meal.

Each body is different and different studies show several conclusions. Some researchers suggest that eating breakfast and having more calories earlier in the day rather than late at night, along with reduced meal frequency can benefit your health, reduce inflammation and body weight.

Other studies have several other parameters attached to them. Regardless, if you enjoy breakfast, eat it. If you are not a morning person, then having your food portions throughout the day. Drink lots of water and exercise!

Potatoes are unhealthy

Some people tend to cut off potatoes from their diet plans. Sweet and white potatoes are a nutritious carbohydrate supplementary choice — just ensure to enjoy them more healthily, rather than roasting or baking them.

Similarly, you should avoid fried foods and switch to more natural rations. Eat fresh fruits everyday- convenient, and nutritious.

Healthy mean plans are developed to fulfill the nutrient and vitamin requirements of your body. Eat more natural and healthy foods, do not skip meals, and maintain your eating hygiene standards. In addition, ensure to do light and heavy exercise to upkeep the stamina. Well-balanced diet plans take you a long way, not the myths so, bust the food myths and eat healthily!

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