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Post Workout Meals: What to Eat for Recovery

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Exercise and training regularly help to shape your body, and similarly pre and post-workout healthy meals help you fuel your body, train harder and support your daily nutrition goals. 

What you eat throughout the day impacts your physical and mental health. Enlisting a few options as to what to eat to get the best recovery post-workout! 

What to Eat After a Workout?

There are a wide variety of nutritious foods that can support your post-exercise needs. Healthy meals and natural sugar supplements like fruits and honey, etc. are some of the options to go for. Always remember to replace your food items with healthy alternatives rather than going for processed and artificial foods.

Here are some of the top options to consider:

Simple vs. Complex Carbohydrates

Carbs are mostly found in all our day-to-day edibles! Though not all carbs are the same, for example, carbohydrates are found in sugary foods or veggies, grains, and fruits that grow out of the ground. All carbs may help you refuel, but some carbs work faster than others and are a healthy alternative. For recovery purposes, simple carbs such as white rice and natural sugar supplements help deliver glucose to your muscles faster. While complex carbs deliver long-lasting energy.

A few of the post-workout carbs for good nutrition and faster replenishment may include:

  • White Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Fruits
  • Pasta
  • Chocolate milk
  • Multi-grain bread
  • Oats

Lean Proteins

The finest proteins for recovery from a workout are complete proteins. This supplies all essential amino acids at once required by your body. These protein contents are found in animal-based foods and seafood, besides plant-based options like quinoa and soy. So, you may choose as per the eating preference.

Dairy products have unique health benefits due to their high protein levels, if you are not allergic to milk-based, dairy products include them in your daily meals. Simple carbs and complete proteins are certainly associated with muscle gain.

A few of the complete protein options that you may consider include:

  • Turkey or chicken
  • Shrimp or freshwater fish
  • Cottage cheese or yogurt
  • Eggs 
  • Soy
  • Quinoa

Unsaturated Fats

Healthy, unsaturated fats, particularly omega-3 acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory in our diet. Some researchers suggest that you may gain strength and muscle recovery from healthy fats. Moreover, the right sort of fat content is healthy for your heart. 

Here are some of the healthy fat options to reach after a good workout session in the gym: 

  • Avocado
  • Salmon or similar fish
  • Flaxseeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Nuts, nut oils, and nut butter


Natural supplements, vegetables, and fresh fruits are the best things to rely upon when it comes to planning your daily meals or healthy diets. They offer the best nutritional value, proteins, vitamins, carbs your body may require any time of the day. So, consider having as many fruits, veggies, and nuts as you may wish to.

Food items like salad, nuts, etc. make a quick healthy meal and the best snacker.

These are some of the best healthy meal options to include in your daily intake and you may see the results in your mental and physical health with time. Eat well. Stay fit!

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