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How to start exercising?


As we all know, regular excising offers a lot of benefits like improving the overall health, maintaining body weight, improving the mood and mental health, being able to sleep better, enhancing sex life, and also preventing the risks of serious health disorders. The key to success is being consistent and adopting a proper discipline. Also, you will need to take special care of your diet and sleep well at night.

How to start exercising? 

When you check the internet, you will find a lot of guides and videos on exercises. You will get confused about what to start, and how to start. In this post, we will talk about how to get started with exercises.

Understand your health status

Firstly, you will need to consult with your physician and learn about what types of exercises are safe for you, and what are not. They will advise you according to your age, health condition, previous medical history, body weight, etc. That will give you a good idea about how to start exercising

Start slow

It is always recommended to start slow and then increase the intensity of workouts as you keep becoming healthier and more confident. People might say a lot of things like, you are doing too little, or doing too much. At the end of the day, it is a decision that you will have to make. 

You must learn to listen to your body. Don’t exert yourself too much in the initial stages. For some people, it might take years to become fully fit. Perseverance and consistency is the key to your success. 

Types of exercises and combinations

There are different types of exercises like aerobics, strength training, calisthenics, HIIT, boot camps, balance or stability, flexibility training, etc. You will need to do combinations of these workouts to get the best results. 

For example, the combination of cardio workouts and high-rep strength training is ideal for those who wish to develop a lean and strong body. Then you can add flexibility training like yoga once or twice a week. Similarly, you could have a couple of swimming sessions in a week. If you are unable to understand the best exercises that will suit your body, you can consult with an experienced fitness trainer for advice.

Workout Variations

Don’t just choose 1 or 2 types of exercises and keep repeating them all through the week. You will not be able to work out all the muscles of your body by just the same thing every day. Moreover, it becomes monotonous and boring, and you are bound to quit your efforts sooner than later.


This is the area where many people lack. Many people do serious workouts for a month or 2, and then they quit. It could be due to reasons like physical injury, or because they just got bored due to lack of motivation.

Keeping challenging yourself, and keep a track of your improvements every day. That will give you the motivation to run harder or lift more the next day. You could also join a gym or fitness center so that you get motivation from your trainer. Also, you will feel charged up by seeing other people doing workouts at the gym.

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