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Laura Arroyave - Fitness Aficionado

Laura Arroyave, a 20-year-old fitness aficionado, has worked hard her whole life. Never one to give up on anything, she says fitness has always been top priority. During high school, she participated in the cross country, basketball, and track teams-but it wasn't until her sophomore year until she realized her passion for weightlifting after joining a class. And even though healthy eating has been a huge priority throughout Laura's life, she only recently took the time to fully educate herself about nutrition. "Once I made that change, my body made incredible progress," she says.

"I didn't bother joining CrossFit until recently. I was skeptical about it until I gave it a shot two months ago. Now, the box is my second home. I never thought I would be competing in this sport, let alone winning first place in a competition."

Laura says she wants to educate people more about proper nutrition and get them started on healthier lifestyles with the help of Healthy Xpress. "I believe fitness is predominantly determined by people's diet," she says. "And I don't promote what I don't believe in.


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