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The Ease of Utilizing Healthy Food Delivery Services in Miami Beach

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Why meal delivery services make sense

It’s a Wednesday night, and you’ve already exhausted all the fresh ingredients from your Sunday grocery run, and are now way too tired to cook. For many busy professionals in the Miami area, this pattern is all too familiar. Before stopping for take-out or snacking on empty calories, you might consider this: your options for food delivery in Miami.

meal delivery service

Maybe you’ve heard of meal delivery services—or even tried out a few companies before—but most still require cooking the entire meal from scratch. Did you know there were other options for healthy food delivery in Miami Beach?

The aim of one such company—Healthy Xpress—is to provide nutritious and tasty meals that are made fresh daily and arrive already cooked—right to your door.

Who benefits from food delivery the most

Most people today understand the need for following a healthy lifestyle. A major component of this, of course, is diet. What stands in the way of eating portion-controlled, fresh foods that are free from processing and preservatives is often the time and motivation it takes. With so much going on in our lives, it can be hard to devote the time necessary to meal plan, let alone cook the meals.

The mission of Healthy Xpress believes in a better way—that everyone should have access to foods that are good for them, and that taste good too! And by everyone, they mean just that. Clients range from professional singletons, families, businesses, and fitness studios. While they are a food delivery service located in Miami Beach, their delivery range extends throughout Dade and Broward counties.

Meal plans offered

Healthy Express prides itself on its flexible meal options—some of the best for food delivery in Miami Beach—that are based on their customers’ goals. Each balanced meal ranges from 400-575 calories and is under 20 grams of fat. That is 2/3 less than what you would be getting from fast food, or restaurant meals! Clients following their meals plans reach their health goals much faster, as a result.

This meal delivery service offers vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, and athlete-centered options, as well as meal plans for kids (and dogs!), too. Orders can be placed online or by calling, and require a subscription plan that can be modified or canceled.

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