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Top 5 Healthy Meal Delivery Myths Debunked by Dan Scalco

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What’s holding you back from trying out a healthy meal delivery service? Could it be that you’ve fallen victim to one of the common myths people believe about them? Far too many people think these services are too expensive or simply aren’t worth it. They worry that they’ll wind up receiving meals they won’t like, or worseI’m here to stop these common myths from prevailing once and for all!


Using a healthy meal subscription service such as Healthy Xpress actually provides you with a wide array of benefits. To help you see why they can be great for you and even your family, I’m debunking the top five healthy meal delivery myths.


Myth #1: They’re Too Expensive

When you first check out the prices of some healthy meal delivery services, you might have a moment of sticker shock. However, when you consider how much you’re currently spending on groceries, eating out at restaurants, and/or ordering takeout each week, the cost truly shouldn’t be that much different. In fact, you may actually be surprised by how much the average American household actually spends on groceries and eating out.

A healthy meal delivery service will share with you the cost per portion, which allows you to see just how much each dinner costs. Plus, if they’re using high-quality ingredients, you’re going to pay a little extra, just like you would at the grocery store or at a specialty restaurant. Overall, the price per meal should be about what you’re spending yourself, maybe even a little less. Don’t immediately assume these services are too expensive. Do the math and you’ll see the real value they provide. 


Myth #2: It’s Too Much of a Hassle

Does the thought of having someone meal plan and purchase groceries for you sound like too much of a hassle? Didn’t think so! Meal delivery services are meant to make your life easier. And you’ll quickly see just how great they can be if you give them the chance.

Right now, you’re probably sitting down every Sunday to plan out your meals for the week ahead. Then, you get in the car and head to the grocery store, where you’ll deal with crowds and lines that seem never-ending. However, with a meal delivery service such as Healthy Xpress, they’re helping you out with all of this.

Instead of coming up with meals on your own, they’re presenting you with available meals to choose from. All it takes is a few simple clicks and you’ll have your weeknight dinners planned out and on their way to you. They’ll send you the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and the recipes to whip everything up in no time at all. That’s less stress for you since they handle meal planning and less groceries for you to buy at the store. It’s a win-win!


Myth #3: It’s Just Not Worth It

Using a meal delivery service is so easy, why wouldn’t it be worth it? If you’re looking for a simpler way to get a delicious, healthy dinner on the table for you and your family, this is the way to go. Meal options are presented to you and you’re able to select what you’d like to eat. It’s that simple.

When all is said and done, you can feel good about the dinner you’ve put on the table. There won’t be any need to hit the drive-thru and give into the temptation of something unhealthy.


Myth #4: I Won’t Like What They Send Me

Guess what? You actually don’t have to receive any meals that you don’t want when using a meal delivery service. That means you don’t have to worry about getting dishes you have no interest in eating. If you hate fish, let them know and you can avoid meals that have fish. Not a fan of spicy dinners? You can skip out on those too! 


Myth #5: It Won’t Help Me Stick to a Diet

There’s no denying that sticking to a diet can be hard. We’re all faced with temptations and cravings, which makes it difficult to stay on track. And it’s even harder to follow a diet when you have no idea what’s good for you and what you should be staying away from.

That’s why a meal delivery service can really come in handy. A service like Healthy Xpress will put together a meal plan that helps you stick to a diet that becomes a regular part of your lifestyleInstead of ordering takeout because you no clue what to eat for dinner, it’s already been planned out for you. The ease and comfort of being able to eat a healthy meal without having to worry about cooking it or counting macros allows you to make better food choices in the long run.

You’ll never wonder what to eat or if something is good for your diet because they’ve taken the guesswork out of healthy eating. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

By Dan Scalco

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