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What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Swimming?

benefits of swimming

As you may know, swimming is an excellent workout for your cardiovascular system and the overall body. An hour of swimming per day burns as many calories as running, without any adverse impact on your bones or joints. Swimming is considered to be the most popular and trusted activity in the United States with a host of health benefits. Once incorporated with a healthy meal plan, exercises or activities like swimming can be extremely beneficial.

Learn the benefits and know how to incorporate swimming into your everyday routine.

Whole-body work out

The biggest advantage of swimming is that it works on your entire body, from head to toe. Swimming increases your heart rate, blood flow without stressing your body. It tones down muscles, builds strength and endurance in your body.

There are several strokes such as backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, freestyle, and butterfly. Each of these focuses on various muscle groups. No matter which strokes you may apply while swimming, you are using most of your body muscles to move your body ahead in the water. Indeed, a great workout!

Controls BP and blood sugar levels

Swimming decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps manage your blood sugar levels in Type 2 and gestational diabetes. It increases insulin sensitivity and contributes to weight loss, maintaining a well-balanced weight. It also makes your lungs and heart strong. Hence, researchers find it to reduce death rates (especially swimmers) as compared to people who are inactive throughout the day.

Is suitable for people with arthritis or asthma

Swimming is a safe exercise, especially to mention for people with arthritis, injury, disability, or other health issues that make high-impact workouts difficult.

A study showed that people with osteoarthritis reported noteworthy reductions in stiffness, and joint pains after engaging in activities like swimming and cycling. It is a great activity for people with asthma as well as it teaches you to hold and gain control over your breath. Though, make sure the pool you swim in doesn’t have any chemicals (like chlorine) to interfere with your oral or physical health. Consult your doctor before joining any swimming classes.

Helps in weight loss

It is an effective way to burn calories. For instance, a 160-pound individual may burn up to 423 to 715 calories an hour if they practice moderate to vigorous level of swimming regularly. It also enhances your hungry and calorie intake hence, make sure to have a healthy meal plan if you are a regular swimmer.

Improves your sleep

If you are someone who has sleeping difficulties or insomnia, you must consider engaging in activities like swimming, aerobics, and dance. As per experts, nearly 50 percent of 30+ (in age) people experience some sort of insomnia, in such a scenario, swimming can be a natural way of healing and getting an adequate amount of rest as needed by your body.

So, stay fit, eat healthy meals, and enjoy the maximum benefits of swimming!

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