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Scientific Ways to Lose Weight in Three Simple Steps

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For long term, effective weight loss management doctors recommend simple and safe ways. The weight loss is steady and ranges from one to 2 pounds of fat burn in a week. You will find a plethora of diet styles and plans online that leaves you unsatisfied or feeling hungry. Therefore, sticking stringently to a healthy eating diet plan is challenging for generally everyone. 

All diets differ, so their effects also vary. Low calorie, low carb, and whole-food diets are effective in a weight loss regime and easy to stick to. Several diet plans are claiming to lose 5 pounds within a week. Technically, it is possible for some but not a healthy way. Even if that much is lost you can gain it back within some time. 

Weight loss is dependent majorly on your metabolism along with other factors like body composition and physical activities that differ from one person to another. So, the promise that every diet plan makes does not hold for everybody. 

Scientific ways to lose weight is to choose a healthy diet plan that aims to enhance metabolism, reduce appetite, and burn fat at the same time. The three simple steps for weight loss and management are given below.

Eliminate refined carbs

To lose fat quickly lose sugar, starch, or carbs. Choose a low-carb diet plan or replace refined carbs with whole grains. Consuming whole grains will reduce hunger levels and you will eat few calories. A low-carb diet will make you use and burn stored fat rather than carbs for energy. 

Include veggies, fat source, and protein

Each meal should contain protein, fat, vegetables, and complex carbs [whole grains].


The recommended protein amount for muscle mass and health preservation during a weight loss regime is –

  • 46-75 gm./day for an average woman
  • 56-91 gm./day for an average man

Sufficient protein helps to enhance the Cardiometabolic risk factors. It even helps in reducing the craving for food significantly, feeling full, and no desire for night-binging. Meat, eggs, fish, and seafood are healthy protein sources. Vegetarians can choose legumes, beans, quinoa, tofu, and tempeh. 

Healthy fats

Healthy fats are needed, so adding olive and avocado oil is a great option. Even coconut oil and butter are good, but use in moderation because they have a high concentration of saturated fat. 


Never hesitate to eat a lot of green leafy veggies. They are rich in nutrients and can be consumed in large amounts without the concern about increasing carbs and calories. It includes vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard. 

Body movements or physical activities

Physical activities are not needed for weight loss but help in increasing the speed of shedding pounds. Lifting weights allows burning plenty of calories. It does not allow your metabolism to slow down. You can do some cardio workouts like cycling, running, jogging, swimming, or even walking to enhance general health and weight management. For weight loss weightlifting [resistance training] and cardio is more helpful. 

Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated!

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