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When Balance is the Ultimate Test of Success

Entrepreneurs and executives in the new millennium are often seen as people who place as much emphasis on doing what they love, as they do on achieving material success. But the truth is that the rat race is weighing us down, with research indicating that obesity, heart disease and diabetes are reaching epidemic proportions. Our mental health is suffering, too; anxiety affects a total of 40 million adults in America, while around 16.1 million adults are plagued by depression. The stats are a wake-up call to find a more suitable balance between work and health. Achieving a state of equilibrium is not as difficult as it may seem. It is all about going back to basics and consuming healthy homemade or delivered meals, finding time for exercise and pursuing mindfulness-based activities as a way to counter stress. 

Fuelling Up with Food

Ready-made, microwaveable meals and sugary foods may be just what our body craves when our energy bank is down to zero. Yet far from giving us the boost we need, they often wreak havoc on our glucose-insulin balance, making us tired and leading to more cravings for unhealthy food. To get the most energy from food and keep obesity at bay, opt for a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables (which contain more antioxidants than conventionally grown produce), lean protein sources, nuts and healthy Omega-3 fats (such as cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil or flax/linseed oil). If you are too busy to cook your own meals, make use of services like Healthyxpress, which delivers specific meal plans (including Paleo, Keto diet and vegetarian plans) to your home or office, saving you the time of having to buy ingredients and preparing meals. 

Tired? Wait Until You Try CrossFit

CrossFit is just one of many exercise programs that are taking the entrepreneurial world by storm, although any workout program that combines cardiovascular and strength training, will keep your energy levels and mood up. Even gentle exercise is a great way to battle fatigue. Researchers from the University of Georgia have found that low-intensity exercise actually results in a greater drop in fatigue than high-intensity exercise. Physical activity is one of the most important ways to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle, especially when you work out with a partner. Humans crave socialization and a buddy will ensure you stay motivated and meet all your goals. Exercise will also help you sleep better, which is great for alertness and clarity during meetings. 

Mindfulness is Key

Try to be proactive when it comes to battling stress. Chronic stress is linked to many long-term diseases, as well as to anxiety and depression. Try to take up a mindfulness-based activity at least twice a week; yoga is another popular activity for young execs, who benefit from its stress-busting power while they make gains in strength and flexibility. 

To be as successful at life as you are at work, take the bull by horns and make the changes you need to. Get your energy needs from wholesome, homemade food, enjoy regular exercise, and sign up for yoga or mindfulness meditation, to improve your mood, relax and work on finding the inner balance that is part and parcel of genuine happiness.

By Jane Sandwood 

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