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Best 7-day meal plan for weight loss

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There are lots of weight loss diet meal plans available online, and it can be tricky for a person to select any one diet to follow. Though, a diet that is rich in whole foods and limits the intake of processed food can be a good start towards weight loss.

Before selecting any meal plan, you must be aware of your dietary requirements. After which you may get a 7-day meal planned for your daily nutrition consumption and fitness needs. Do consider the following parameters for following a diet meal chart;

  • How much weight you need to lose
  • Any particular dietary requirement or health condition that you are suffering from
  • List of food items that you may consume
  • Aligned exercises you may follow

You must consult a doctor or dietitian who can help you plan your meals. Each diet plan has a particular nutrient content that can vary greatly as per your fitness requirements, so one must ensure they are getting a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in a day. For example, a keto meal plan works best for weight loss! If you keep a busy schedule then consider diet meal plan delivery which can be easily availed of nearby healthy cafes or food service providers.

7-day meal plan ingredients







Scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato

Salad with fish, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato

Beans with cauliflower and rice

Apple, bread and peanut butter


Oatmeal with berries, milk, and nuts/seeds

Veggies with hummus dip

Sprouts, green veggies like broccoli and potato mash with a bread slice

Orange and cashew nuts


Mashed avocado/ sweet potato, fried eggs with toast

Broccoli quinoa and roasted almonds

Chicken stir fry and rice noodles

Blueberries and yogurt


Smoothie with cashews, berries, and low-fat milk

Salad with lean meat, lettuce and corn

Stir fried vegetables with lentils soup

Whole grain rice cupcake with nut butter


Pancakes with raspberries and low-fat yogurt

Oatcake with vegetable soup

Fish tacos with coleslaw

Boiled eggs with pita bread


Apple smoothie

Peas and feta omelet

Boiled sweet potato, shredded chicken, greens

Nuts and protein bar


Muffin with eggs and veggies

Crispy tofu/cheese curd bowl

Lentil soup with zucchini and rice noodles

Carrot sticks with hummus dip

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