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Healthy New Year Resolution For 2022


Are you ready to welcome 2022 with a healthy and sustainable New Year resolution? It is time to reconsider your approach towards wellness and wellbeing of overall health. You can start making simple changes in life instead of going after sweeping life changes. Starting small will help to work towards large goals with ease

Renew the passion for improving your wellbeing ranging from mental and physical health to your diet changes and workout sessions. According to research, consistent effort and small steps allow you to make lifestyle changes for betterment.

Increase whole food intake

Whole foods include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and fish. Add whole foods consistently and slowly to your diet. Research reveals that a whole food diet reduces heart disease risk, blood sugar levels, and body weight

Sit less & move more

Many people sit for hours a lot, which can have a bad impact on their health. Resolve to sit less. For example, if your task needs sitting for hours at the desk then decide to walk 15 minutes after lunch and walk 5 minutes after every hour. 

Avoid sweetened beverages

Sugary beverages lead to heart disease, obesity, fatty liver, insulin resistance, and oral issues. Minimize sweetened drink intake slowly, which will ultimately help in kicking sugary drink habits.

Aim for quality sleep

Lack of sleep is bad for overall health. It can increase your risk of depression, heart issues, and weight gain. People have issues with sleep because of several reasons, so concentrate on making lifestyle changes and schedule going-to-sleep time to enhance sleep quality and quantity. 

Choose a physical activity you like

Many people purchase costly gym memberships or online fitness programs with the hope to shed excess fat within a year. They start strong but don’t make this a lasting habit. So, choose a physical activity you will enjoy and suits your schedule. For example, a bike ride or jogging before work, or swimming on way home from work are sustainable exercise resolutions. Ensure to set workable goals, so the routine turns into a long-lasting habit. 

Cook meals

Home-cooked meals have better diet quality. You are conscious about the amount of fat or calorie, or protein or fiber is present. You can start cooking once a day and increase the frequency until you cook not just meals, but even snacks at home.

Spend time outdoors

Walks during the lunch break or going camping on weekends or hiking with friends are ways to include nature in your routines. It is a healthy goal that will help you stay relaxed, stress-free, and in the best mood. 

Reconsider dieting

Chronic dieting is damaging to your overall health. Even if you lose weight the chances that you regain it twice within a year is possible. Instead of using restrictive dieting measures try a sustainable and healthy meal plan including a low-calorie diet and increase physical activities. 

Limit screen time

Today, many people watch their mobile or laptop screen for work as well as entertainment. Electronic devices are responsible for anxiety and depression, according to a study. Cut back screen time, especially social media or playing computer games, or watching TV. It will help to stay relaxed and improve productivity.

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