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Stretching Poses to Increase Muscles Mobility - Pre and Post Workout

Exercise Stretching

Stretching Pose [Exercise]

Stretching initially can be uncomfortable, but it helps tissues and receptors in muscles to respond actively. However, simply stretching cannot help if you don't add certain nutritional food to the diet that helps in flexibility. Food acts like medicine which we feed our body to energize, heal, and nourish our muscles, tissues, and nerves. When you don’t provide nutritional food to your body, it can feel sluggish, unmotivated, and stiff. Still, cooking healthy food regularly on a busy day is slightly difficult. 

Healthy Xpress delivers healthy, fresh, portion-controlled meals to residents in Miami, Florida. Their mission is to deliver healthy food to people to remove obesity that is hitting the USA majorly. Their healthy meal plans include keto, paleo, and athlete diets. Their low carb and healthy meal plans increase flexibility and mobility in muscles which is required for a daily stretching routine.  

Stretching loosens muscles and increases motion in joints which lowers the risk of injuries like ligament tear, sprains, strains, and tendonitis. Excessive stretching should be avoided if a person feels discomfort. One should stretch as much as that body can tolerate.  

Stretching Exercises

Runners stretch

This stretch is helpful for lower body because it works with hamstrings and hip flexors to reduce lower back pain.  


  • Sit on your knee on the ground.
  • Keep your left leg at the back and right foot in the front and place both hands on the ground. The shoulder should be straight and wide.
  • Lower your hips until you feel your left hip and leg stretching and hold it for 30 seconds.
  • Now, slowly straighten your front leg keeping both hands rested on the floor, and hold it for another 30 seconds
  • Change the position to repeat.

Forward Fold

It is a full-body stretch which is beneficial for people who have long sitting jobs. 


  • Stand with both feet wide and toes pointing forward.
  • Take your hands behind slowly and try to touch fingers, if possible.
  • Keep your back flat, bend your waist and shift backward putting weight on your heels. You feel stretch on hips and at the back of your legs. 
  • While bending forward pull arms above your head but stretch as much as your shoulder allows. Hold this position for 30 seconds. 

Seated Back Twist

Spinal twists can reduce back pain, but should be avoided by people who suffer from disk or spinal problems. 


  • Sit on the floor and cross your legs to keep the left leg on top with the knee pointing upwards and the right foot and knee touch the ground. 
  • Now, slowly twist your shoulders at the left side against the left leg. But, don't over-stretch otherwise it might hurt your back and waist. 
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat the other side

Bound Angle

This stretching reduces stiffness and tension in the hips and thigh muscles.


  • Sit on the floor, pulling your legs towards yourself ensuring that the soles of both feet touch each other.
  • Place your hands on both feet and bend towards your feet slowly. 
  • Don't overexert yourself stay in a comfortable position because you need to hold it for 30 seconds. 

Various stretching exercises can help in removing tension, pain, and stiffness from different body parts. A daily stretch routine can include static and dynamic stretches both.

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