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Top Food and Nutrition Trends in 2021

The year 2020 has brought many changes in the lifestyle of people across the globe. You must have seen a difference in your everyday habits and behaviours.

Getting in shape and thinking about your mental and physical well being has become the focal point. Thus, many people have started giving particular attention to what they eat. Everybody has a specific nutrition requirement and to fulfil the same should be our utmost goal.

As per some of the health and food experts, you may expect the following food trends in times coming ahead;

Here are some food and nutrition trends expected in 2021.

Immunity boosters

Feed certain foods to your body and help to boost your immune system. This not only prevents you from cold, flu, and similar infections but also, nurtures your body enhancing overall health.

According to recent market research, around 50% of consumers are reported taking nutrition and food supplements to support their health in the year 2020. This growing interest in boosting immunity will continue to be the focal point of the health and wellness industry in 2021. Rather than aiming at treating conditions, several customers have strived to prevent them by maintaining a rigorous immune system and eating habits.

Going local

Eat foods that are grown locally. It not only helps you source fresh fruits, vegetables, and other supplements but also, adds to the economy of your nation. Besides, locally grown foods are easily available and comparatively cheaper than what’s imported.

A growing number of customers are looking to support local companies with a back-story and rationale of serving the communities rather than large corporations.

In fact, as per Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer, 52% of respondents stated that they pay more attention to the source of their food and bi-products, with a focus on buying locally.

Focusing on mental health

Although food alone cannot cure or treat conditions like depression, stress, or anxiety, eating mostly minimally or non-processed foods help support your mental health.

Diets that are rich in vitamins (vitamin B), antioxidants, minerals (zinc, magnesium), healthy fats (omega-3s), fiber, and other bioactive compounds, such as probiotic curd, have been linked to better mental well-being as per accredited studies.

In 2021, you may notice more food and beverage companies coming out with products that contain fresh, locally grown, and procured ingredients. With an emphasis on reducing stress and improving sleep, this will help you achieve better physical well-being and mental health.

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